AEA Data and Code Guidance


Guidance for authors wishing to create data and code supplements, and for replicators.

Code Verification - Restricted Access

The following report was provided by a third party verifier, who conducted the verification on behalf of the AEA Data Editor.

1) Edits to

a) Change “file” to “

b) Change “” to “

2) Edits to

a) Change ${prog_dir} to “{prog_dir}/” (add quotation marks and forward slash “/” (all platforms)

Note by DATA EDITOR: please use forward slash throughout and consistently, this works on any platform in Stata

4) Tables

NOTE from AEA Data Editor: This is normally a failure - we expect to have clearly marked output enter a table.

5) Figures: I reviewed all the generated PDF files that contained all figures and they visually matched to the manuscript.