AEA Data and Code Guidance


Guidance for authors wishing to create data and code supplements, and for replicators.

Key: [ISSUE-N] Replication report for [AUTHORS] “[TITLE]”


The Readme file was clear and concise, albeit very sparse.

However, it does not identify the absence of certain data necessary to produce Appendix Tables A11-A13, nor how such data could be accessed.


The data used is the [Magnificent Microdata for Replication (MMR)] data.

The data do not seem to be cited.

SUGGESTION: Please add a data citation to the references, see for guidance.

SUGGESTION: Please add information on how and where both the more public data and the raw data can be accessed.


General notes

Numerous changes to path names were necessary in the individual programs in order to be able to run the code and produce output.

SUGGESTION: It may be helpful to set up a configuration file and include it at the top of the master programs.

Programs to generate Figures A11-A13 were not provided. Note that this is required by AEA Data Availability Policy.

SUGGESTION: Please add the missing programs.

Installation of Dependencies

In addition to the installations mentioned in the ReadMe, I also had to install other software for the following programs to run:

These installations would be helpful to either include in the code or make note of in the Readme

SUGGESTION: Provide a single “setup” program that installs all identified dependencies.


Problems encountered

Programs that Failed to Run:


Article Figures

Appendix Figures

Article Tables

Appendix Tables