Migrating historical AEA supplements - DRAFT

Author: Lars Vilhuber, Cornell University, AEA Data Editor (dataeditor@aeapubs.org)

Last updated: 2020-05-15

Since July 16, 2019, the American Economic Association has used the AEA Data and Code Repository at openICPSR as the default archive for its supplements. This archive serves a dual purpose: to share data with the AEA Data Editor prior to being published, and as a publication outlet for supplements to articles in AEA journals.

At the time, the AEA also announced that it would migrate the historical supplements, hitherto stored as ZIP files on the AEA website, into the AEA Data and Code Repository.

On Oct 1, 2019, openICPSR had 867 deposits, which covered 94 deposits in the DataLumos archive, 46 in the AERA archive, and 13 in the PSID archive. The AEA Data and Code Repository contained at the time 93 deposits, of which 5 were public, the others awaiting publication of the associated article.

Between Oct 11 and Oct 13, 2019, the staff at openICPSR ingested 2,552 historical supplements, increasing the size of the openICPSR repository by a factor of 3, to 3,461. This was only the first part of the migration, as there are about 1,000 more archives that need to be migrated.

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