Display Guidelines for Trusted Repositories (other than AEA Data and Code Repository)


The AEA accepts replication packages from any trusted repository (see list), as long as they meet certain display criteria, and otherwise satisfy the reproducibility criteria as per the AEA Data and Code Availability Policy. The default trusted repository is the AEA Data and Code Repository. If you have doubts about whether a particular repository qualifies as a “trusted” repository, contact the AEA Data Editor before unnecessarily duplicating the deposit.

If depositing at other trusted repositories, please follow these guidelines.


The title should clearly distinguish paper and replication package.

  • The AEA requires “Data and Code for: TITLE OF PAPER” when both data and code are part of the replication package, with variants for data-only, code-only, and additional data packages (“supplemental data”) that may be created to allow for different licensing (for instance, see this guide on creating a separate data deposit)
  • Other repositories may offer to automatically prefix the paper title with “Replication package for: TITLE OF PAPER”. That is acceptable.
  • Simply repeating the title of the paper is not acceptable.
  • Prefixing the title of the paper with “Data for:” when the replication package actually contains code is not acceptable.


The README must use the template README for social science replication packages.

ZIP files

  • if possible, expand all ZIP files, so that individual files can be downloaded.
  • under no circumstances should it be necessary to download a (possibly) very large ZIP file to read the README.
  • if ZIP files must be used, the visual display of the trusted repository should allow to inspect ZIP files
    • for instance, the filenames in a ZIP file can be viewed on Zenodo, but are not browsable on Dataverse or ICPSR.
    • when ZIP files cannot be inspected before downloading, the deposit must be amended to “expand” the ZIP file. Exceptions to this rule should be requested from the AEA Data Editor.


The contents of the deposit must, of course, satisfy all other requirements for AEA replication packages.

Updating a Pre-Existing Deposit

If your pre-existing deposit does not satisfy all of these rules, you can generally create a new version of the existing deposit. Such a new version is preferable to depositing at the AEA repository, but is your choice. In some cases, a new DOI is assigned (e.g., Zenodo or ICPSR), and you must communicate the DOI of the updated deposit to the AEA Data Editor in a timely fashion.

These rules may be amended from time to time.