AEA Data and Code Guidance


Guidance for authors wishing to create data and code supplements, and for replicators.

Unofficial guidance on various topics by the AEA Data Editor

These web pages provide unofficial and developing guidance on the implementation of the American Economic Association (AEA)’s Data and Code Availability Policy. We also provide links to generic guidance being developed by a loose collective (“guild”) of data editors and people in a similar role at various social science journals.

Order in which AEA authors should read these resources

  1. Start with the official Data and Code Availability Policy
  2. Follow the step-by-step guidance to walk you through preparing and uploading your replication packages, and what to expect afterwards.

Additional guidance

In addition to the detailed step-by-step guidance, the following sites contain useful information:

  1. Look for general guidance at the Social Science Data Editors pages
  2. Read the AEA’s FAQ
  3. Have a look at the draft FAQ on this site for thorny issues

Comments are welcome, please file them as issues in our Github repo.

Guidance on creating replicable data and program archives

How should researchers create replicable data and program archives? How should such archives be structured, how documented, and where should they be located?

README template

Preparing for a data and code deposit

Guidance on data citations

Data citation is critical for documenting data provenance, and the AEA requires data citations. But data citations can also be hard.

Guidance on depositing in the AEA Data and Code Repository

Detailed guidance

The AEA migrated to a new data and code repository in July 2019. See

Guidance on testing replicability of code

Our replication template report

The code and data that have been archived should be reproducible and replicable. How do we test that?

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