The following steps outline what you should expect after conditional acceptance of your manuscript, in compliance with the AEA Data and Code Availability Policy. Note that the AEA’s Data and Code Availability Policy is compatible with Link to DCAS Icon the Data and Code Availability Standard v1.0.



Prepare your data and code replication package (including data citations and provenance information). You can do this at any time, even before submitting to the AEA journals.




Provide metadata and upload the replication package. This step simultaneously prepares the materials for the verification process as well as for subsequent publication.

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Submit the Data and Code Availability Form together with your manuscript native files as instructed, and as per guidelines at your journal (for example, AER guidelines). Only once these materials have been received by the editorial office are verification checks started.

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What to expect next

The next steps happen behind the scenes, until you receive the replication report:

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