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The AEA Data Editor's mission is to design and oversee the AEA journals' strategy for archiving and curating research data and promoting reproducible research.

Office of the Data Editor of the American Economic Association

These web pages provide unofficial and developing guidance on the implementation of the American Economic Association (AEA)’s Data and Code Availability Policy.

The AEA Data Editor defines and monitors the AEA’s approach to data and reproducibility. The 2019 Data and Code Availability Policy (also here), which was announced on July 16, 2019, outlines specifics for authors. Data citations are an important component of the policy, as is compliance with registration requirements.

The current Data Editor (2018-) is Lars Vilhuber (Cornell University).

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The AEA Data and Code Repository can be found at Detailed deposit guidance is available. Data and code deposits by the AEA Data Editor can be found here.

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