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Software, code, and repositories

4 minute read

A short thread on software, code, versioning, citation, and repositories. Only very few AEA articles reference Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket repositories. More sho...

File paths in statistical software

less than 1 minute read

A short thread (PSA) on a FOC (frequently occurring problem) that shouldn’t be one: file paths in statistical software.

Reproducible GIS

2 minute read

A note on reproducible GIS by economists: it’s mostly absent. Here are some tips.

A Day in the Life of a Data Editor

3 minute read

I wanted to illustrate the range of the various topics that a Data Editor might face, by taking a fairly random day (2021-01-29) and listing all the various ...

Follow-up to Fireside Chat

11 minute read

In this post, I’ll pick up questions that have been asked over Twitter or during the 2021-01-19 Fireside chat, in long form (Twitter is not always the best m...


Release of a template README

2 minute read

We have released the first version of a template README for social sciences at