RESOLVED - Access to replication packages retrieval and deposit interrupted

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THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED. Please deposit as usual!

The AEA uses the openICPSR repository for the deposit and dissemination of replication packages. On Sunday, Aug 27 2023, the University of Michigan, the home institution for openICPSR, had to take all of their systems offline for an undetermined time period. The AEA Code and Data Repository is therefore not accessible at this time, for both authors seeking to deposit their required replication package, and for interested readers to obtain published replication packages. A few operational notes from us follow.

Screenshot of Umich website

For depositors

Authors who just received a conditional acceptance from an AEA journal are required to deposit their replication package at openICPSR. New depositors will receive a message with temporary instructions (see below). Authors who received their notification in recent weeks, and who are still working on completing their deposit, will also be contacted.

“The deposit of replication packages at openICPSR is temporarily interrupted (see As a temporary measure, you can satisfy your deposit requirement by following these instructions:

  • create a ZIP file of your replication package, as you would deposit it on openICPSR. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY CONFIDENTIAL DATA.
  • name the ZIP file “{manuscript number}.zip” (e.g., “”)
  • upload it at the URL (provided))

The temporary upload URL is xxxxx. It will only be open as a long as the openICPSR website is inaccessible. Once openICPSR is back online, you will need to complete the normal upload process as outlined at “

The URL will be contained in the email message that depositors will receive.

IMPORTANT: This only delays, but does not replace the usual deposit process. Authors will ultimately still need to complete the deposit, once openICPSR is back online.

For interested readers

Unfortunately, there is no short-term replacement for access to published replication packages. ICPSR has a robust preservation strategy, and we expect no long-term impact on availability of replication packages. We hope that they are able to resolve the issues affecting their network as soon as possible.

Any concerns

If you have any concerns regarding a specific replication package, please contact the Data Editor by email.