AEA Data and Code Guidance


Guidance for authors wishing to create data and code supplements, and for replicators.

Guidance on how to deposit data at the AEA Data and Code Repository

On this page:

Start the deposit process

Go to the AEA Data and Code Repository, and start the process:

Start process

Checklist for Metadata


Conditionally required

Most deposits will also need to provide the following metadata elements. In some cases, it may not make sense to fill out (for instance, a laboratory experiment may have no meaningful “geographic coverage”). These elements contribute to better inclusion in search engines.


The following elements are suggested for certain types of data, and may not apply to all types of data.

Start by providing the metadata (descriptors) for the data and code you are uploading.

Details on Filling Out Metadata

Describe the project

screenshot of project description

Scope of project section

To fill out the required metadata elements Subject Terms, JEL Classification, and Manuscript Number, open the “Scope of Project” section:

metadata of project

Click on each + to open the related section:

scope of project

Methodology section

methodology section

related publications

Checklist for Uploading


Once the metadata is completed, authors can upload files.

Upload files in the way you expect the files to be organized in order to run the code.

Some caveats


screenshot of upload and import options

Ideal structure

Your deposit should have

[NOTE] The AEA staff will not re-arrange or otherwise restructure your deposit in any way. What you see in the deposit interface is what others will see once it is published.

You should see something like this:


(the LICENSE.txt is optional if you want to adopt one of the standard openICPSR licenses upon publication. See our licensing guidance for other options).

Submitting to the Data Editor

Once you are satisfied that all data files are present, are complete, and all metadata is satisfactory, including all required elements filled out, you should submit the deposit, by changing the status of the deposit:

submit project

Choose “Submit to AEA” under “Change Status”.

Should you have forgotten something, you can “recall” the submission.

Citing Your Deposit

At present (2020), the openICPSR repository does not display the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that will be associated with your deposit. However, it can be deduced easily.

Image of number

Romer, Christina D., and David H. Romer. 2010. “Replication data for: The Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Changes: Estimates Based on a New Measure of Fiscal Shocks.” American Economic Association [publisher], Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor].

Give it a try:

Article title:
Project number:
Version number:

Ready to submit manuscript

Once you have completed the deposit, you are now ready to submit the manuscript native files, together with the Data and Code Availability Form, as per the journal’s guidelines (AER guidelines here).