Launching DCAS

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DCAS Logo The data editors of the journals of the American Economic Association1, of the Royal Economic Society2, the Review of Economic Studies, the Canadian Journal of Economics, and Economic Inquiry have joined forces to proudly launch DCAS, the Data and Code Availability Standard. This set of rules regarding what constitutes an appropriate data and code replication package will help authors comply with journals’ data and code availability policies. DCAS provides a standard, meant to make compliance easier by setting common requirements across all participating journals, and to help journals create and align their data and code availability policy.

  1. The journals of the American Economic Association are the American Economic Review, AER: Insights, and the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Economic Policy, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics. 

  2. The journals of the Royal Economic Society are the Econometrics Journal and the Economic Journal.