Reproducible Research from Day 1

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Joint with Marie Connolly

Presentation at American Economic Association 2024 Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas


Journals require that you share your code and data in a replication package upon acceptance. However, efficient reproducibility starts at the beginning of the research project. Following some best practices from day 1 can not only help you prepare a replication package later, but also make you a more productive researcher. In this workshop, we start with an empty folder and finish with a mini-project about public procurement across various European countries, ready for submission to a journal. Together we discuss and document all the choices we make about data collection and analysis, in a way that can help future readers of our research. For advanced topics, see Session 2.

Marie Connolly is Data Editor for the Canadian Journal of Economics. The session was jointly sponsored by the AEA and the Econometric Society.