Implementing Increased Transparency and Reproducibility in Economics - Some Lessons

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Talk at CNSTAT Expert meeting on Guidance on Data Sharing for NIA Longitudinal Studies, Washington, DC, USA


Replicability is at the core of the scientific enterprise. In the past 30 years, recurring concerns about the extent of replicability (or lack thereof) of the research in various disciplines have surfaced, including in economics.

In this talk, I describe to an audience of experts and program officers at NIA some of the context of what the American Economic Association has been doing to improve reproducibility, and some lessons learned from that exercises in three dimensions:

  • Where do researchers not get it right? (and thus might need training or assistance)
  • How can journals / associations assist authors?
  • How can data providers assist authors?

Implicit in the discussion is how can funders encourage or support these activities.