AEA Data and Code Guidance


Guidance for authors wishing to create data and code supplements, and for replicators.

Guidance on how to deposit data at the AEA Data and Code Repository

  1. Start by following instructions provided at the Repository.
  2. Upload files in the way you expect the files to be organized in order to run the code. It is possible to IMPORT a ZIP file. Replicators will be downloading a ZIP file that preserves the directory structure.
    • Please upload the README (in PDF, TXT, or MD format) as the very first file - ensuring that it can be found easily by browsers of the archive.
    • Please upload the README to the root of the repository - any data and code can be in subdirectories, but it is easier to find the README if it is not in subdirectories.
  3. Give the data/project a title:
    • The title should be “Data and Code for: [Title of article]

      Describe the project:

      screenshot of project description

    • The authors should be those who compiled the data and code. This may differ (if necessary) from the article.
    • The summary might be short. It can include the abstract of the article itself. It does not need to include information on the related article (which has its own field).
    • Identify any funding sources here - the information can be queried by some funders, and can assist with your award reporting.

      Additional metadata

      metadata of project

    • Authors MUST provide JEL codes
    • We ENCOURAGE authors to provide additional subject terms
    • Authors MUST provide the Manuscript Number, as this will allow us to properly connect the repository with the manuscript.
    • When only code is produced, authors should choose data type = program source code: program source code

Sundry other items