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Resources - AEA Data Editor

The AEA Data Editor provides a variety of textual and technical resources to further the goals of transparency, reproducibility and future replicability of A...


The oldest replication package, overall?

less than 1 minute read

After our recent discussion about the oldest AEA replication package, I navigated over to the really old archive at the Journal of Applied Econometrics. Surp...

The oldest AEA replication package

1 minute read

We were recently discussing among data editors what the oldest replication package (in Econ and Political Science) might be.

DCAS v1.0 Compliance Self-Assessment

11 minute read

On 2022-12-15, various data editors, including myself, launched the Data and Code Availability Standard (DCAS). In this post, I will do a self-assessment o...

Launching DCAS

less than 1 minute read

The data editors of the journals of the American Economic Association1, of the Royal Economic Society2, the Review of Economic Studies, the Canadian Journa...

What is this LICENSE thing

6 minute read

The template README required by various econ journals asks for a statement about the rights to RE-distribute data. Many economists are confused by this: “But...

Software, code, and repositories

4 minute read

A short thread on software, code, versioning, citation, and repositories. Only very few AEA articles reference Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket repositories. More sho...

File paths in statistical software

less than 1 minute read

A short thread (PSA) on a FOC (frequently occurring problem) that shouldn’t be one: file paths in statistical software.

Reproducible GIS

2 minute read

A note on reproducible GIS by economists: it’s mostly absent. Here are some tips.

A Day in the Life of a Data Editor

3 minute read

I wanted to illustrate the range of the various topics that a Data Editor might face, by taking a fairly random day (2021-01-29) and listing all the various ...

Follow-up to Fireside Chat

11 minute read

In this post, I’ll pick up questions that have been asked over Twitter or during the 2021-01-19 Fireside chat, in long form (Twitter is not always the best m...

Release of a template README

2 minute read

We have released the first version of a template README for social sciences at


License template

save “LICENSE.txt” as part of your deposit modify the COPYRIGHT line. Modified BSD License ( - applies t...

Licensing Guidance

This site does not provide legal guidance. The information below is provided for discussion and as a suggestion only. Authors should consult with a qualif...

Preparing your files for verification

This document describes how to best prepare a replication package for an AEA journal. Much of the guidance here is not specific to our journals - in fact, th...

Creating separate linked data archives

Every time we see that a lot of effort went into creating a data resource, we don’t want to have that sit hidden in a replication package. We want to give da...

Frequently Asked Questions

… although some are not frequently asked, but might nevertheless be useful. Below questions and answers in random order. Please be sure to check out the offi...




Sharing And Reusing Research Data

Emails sent Members of the Association who are willing to receive occasional surveys about economics and economists received the following email from the AE...